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EP 040 - Selling In The DM & Effective DM Strategy With Candace Chatman

July 16, 2020

Today’s episode is full of juicy content so get ready, because you’re going to want to take notes. We’re chatting with Instagram DM Sales Coach, Candace Chatman, who helps entrepreneurs learn how to properly have conversations, qualify ideal prospects and convert them either in the DMs or on a sales call using permission based selling. 


Candace covers so many topics like:

  • How to start a decent conversation in the DM’s
  • Understanding your beliefs around the DM’s
  • How being bold, direct and certain leads to more conversations
  • Why you need to be using video and audio messages in the DM’s
  • How to think about your approach to a DM instead of the strategy


She talks about selling in the DM’s

  • How to approach it without feeling sleazy
  • How creating engage content first is key to selling in the DM’s
  • Why you’re getting friend-zoned and how to get out of it


Candace talks about the art of qualifying properly, what questions to ask and how to use your application to do it. While also sharing her own process from start to finish. 


She also covers:

  • How consistency and experience over time help you have better conversations
  • How to follow up when you’ve been ghosted
  • How to state your price and handle objections
  • How to prepare your content to handle objections for you before you ever get into a DM


Connect with Candace:

Check out her Direct Message To Profit Program Here:

Find her on Instagram @candacechatman_

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